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Past Presidents

1948        Thomas B. Knowles
1949        Floyd S. Padgett

         Richard DesJardens
         Harold W. Ingraham
1952        Frank L. Lort

1953        Rollin D. Barnard
1954        Bret Kelley
1955        Robert Padgett
1956-7    Clarence V. Coleman
1958        W. Lee Baker
1959        E.W. Lathrop

         Howard A. Bishop
         J. Norman Linton
 -3    James R. Struthers
1964        L.J. Seibert
1965        Robert C. Thomas
1966        John B. Buchtel
1967        Henry C. Van Schaak IIl
1968        Robert J. Howe
1969        Cad W. Walzak

1970        Robert D. Tyler
1971        Richard B. Duffy
1972        Richard F. Whiting
1973        Gerald A. Archer
1974-5    R. Don Larrance
1976        F. Ross Brown
1977        Richard H. Lenhart
1978        R. Louise Dutton
1979        Milton C. Tedford

1980        Robert M. Sumner
1981        Patricia Ward
1982        Robert M. Lattimore
1983        Julia A. Banks
1984        Charles S. Lowen
1985        Nancy A. Bishop
1986        Douglas A. Palmer
1987        Gregory C. Coleman
1988        Steven W. Wennerstrom
1989        Ralph L. Wilcox
1990        Katherine E. Snow

1991        James C. Aamot

1992        Naarah V. Turpen
1993        Robert V. Longnecker
1994        Bruce L. Edlund
1995        John R. Danielson
1996        Bobble L. Walsh
1997        Victoria Peppers
1998        Randy L. Carnival
1999        Maureen Phifer 

2000        Guy Blasi

2001        Suzanne Miller
2002        Mike Brown
2003        Zvi Rudawsky      
2004        Susan Sgrignoli
2005        Craig Myles
2006-7    John Logan
2008        David Lutes
2009        Angela Fletcher

2010        Ashton Steele
2011-12  Vicki Jenings

2013        Tiffany L. Jackson

2014        Timothy Herrin
2015        Mark Polatsek
2016        Julia Paluka
2017        Patricia Hutchison
2018        Pamela Frankenreiter
2019 Jennifer Plunkett

Past Presidents
Current IREM Members

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